Evidence Based Achievements

a platform for recognising skills and expertise

What is it?

  • For Learners
    It encourages them to show their work demonstrating their skills and expertise by creating a profile/portfolio of badges. This can be made public allowing them to show employers a resume of badges, skills and evidence.
  • For Educators
    It is a great resource for rewarding and helping students gain an awareness of other areas of expertise they should look into.
  • For Employers
    It has the capacity to allow them to find students with particular skills for which the evidence of those skills is available

How it Works

  1. Find a Badge
    Student finds a badge they believe they can evidence
  2. Apply for Badge
    They apply for the badge, providing evidence via one of permitted providers for that badge (YouTube, GitHub, BitBucket, Twitter etc.)
  3. Application Reviewed
    An Educator then reviews the badge and the attached evidence
  4. Badge Awarded
    Badge is approved or sent back to the student with recommendations

How it helps

Kudos provides a platform to allow learners to gain recognition for the skills and expertise that they gather during their education. It builds a profile/portfolio of competences which can be used as a showcase and allows educators to reward and guide learners towards additional individual goals that may be outside of a specific cirriculum.